Frequently asked questions

What is NOVIDIC exactly doing?

NOVIDIC is a GEO-QR tagging system which enables visitors, customers or patrons to tag their visits to the place they are visiting as a check-in, check-out system which later can be used for a quick response contact tracing.

Do people need to download and install any app?

No, the app is optional for a better user experience only. NOVIDIC is available in both app and web, hence people are not forced to install the app and can use their mobile camera and web browser to log in and use the system without the need to install any app.

(note: The NOVIDIC app might not be available in some countries).

Why I cannot find NOVIDIC app in apple store or Google play?

Apple and Google have restricted the apps relating to COVID-19. To publish the app in any country, we require some permissions from local governments which may take time. Hence you may not find NOVIDIC app in your country related market in Apple or Google play stores.

Who are “visitors “in NOVIDIC?

Any individual who enters a venue is considered a visitor. A visitor could be as a customer, a guest, a patron or the staff.

What is a “place” in NOVIDIC?

Any venue which has an entrance/exit where visitors might visit such venue is considered a place in the system regardless of the purpose for the visit or the reason behind the visit. However, in most cases a place is a restaurant, a café, a hotel, a shop and etc.

What information does NOVIDIC gather from visitors?

Upon registering with NOVIDIC as a visitor, a mobile number is verified and the visitor’s name, age-gender group and postcode or ZIP code must be provided. In some sates Email might be required as per local regulation for contact tracing.

Upon any check-in to a place (by scanning a QR code), the visit time and duration will be recorded. There is an option for body temperature if recording of body temperature for a visitor is a general practice by law.

What if a visitor is a child or has no mobile phone?

There is an option for manual registration of a visitor by the staff.

What information is gathered from places?

To setup an account in NOVIDIC as a place, name, contact and the full address of the place is required.

How to generate QR codes for a place?

Once an admin account is registered for a place, the admin is able to add QR codes under QR code/user management in the dashboard. (The admin cannot see any QR code). Each device/user then can log in to the system and access a QR code assigned to that user. This QR code could be static or dynamic.

To see full guide on how to set up QR codes in NOVIDIC please click here.

What is difference between a static QR code or a dynamic QR code?

A static QR code is a fixed QR code which could be printed and displayed at the entrance or displayed on a mobile, ipad or tablet for visitors to scan. If this QR code is reset, then it will not be valid anymore and in case of printing, it must be replaced with new QR code. Such QR codes might be abused by people who take its photo and use it for a fake visit while they are not technically in the place (in this case, it must be reset and replaced).

A dynamic QR is a live QR code which changes every few minutes and hence, it requires a device connected to the internet. (Such a device must be presented at the entrances to visitors to scan QR codes from).

What is the “QR name” used for?

QR name is a tag to identify the exact location or spot a QR code is assigned to (e.g: main door, lobby, room 33) . By using many QR codes, it will be confusing to control the visitor’s movements.

What is “CAPACITY”?

The place admin is able to control the maximum number of visitors allowed to enter the place under capacity. If the capacity is full, visitors are denied entry upon scanning the QR code.

What is the "maximum staying time"?

The place admin can set a maximum staying time for visitors. The system sends warning to the visitors as reminder to leave the place if they stay behind their allowed staying time.

The options are 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 90 min , and +90 . If the +90 is allowed , then we assume the maximum stay time is 8 hours and will send a notification to leave after 8 hours if the user has not tapped exit yet.

What is body temperature field for?

In some jurisdictions, it is required for the venues to record the body temperature of the visitors upon arriving. NOVIDIC gives this option to record in body temperature if needed.

However, it has a default value of 36.5 degree as a normal temperature. Should the body temperature scan is optional in your place, you just ignore it and let the default value be recorded.

What is manual registration?

In case a visitor has not a smart phone or is a child, the staff in the place are able to register the visit manually in the system under manual registration.

This method could be used to register and check in the staff and employees. (they must ignore the staying time reminder)

What is DPP or PIN?

DPP or Data Protection Pin is a four-digit PIN code created by the place admin. This PIN is used to protect the devices later to avoid log in and log out accidentally or by the visitors who might use a tablet which displays a QR code.

Note: The default PIN is 1234

What information about a visitor is shared with the place?

Places can see the visitor's name, check in/out time and date for the last 30 days only. The visitor's mobile number or email address are NOT shared with the places.

What is a red flag person?

A Red flag person is someone who most likely has been in close contact with a positive COVID-19 infected person in a place and an authorized health care agency has concluded that this person must be contacted ASAP.

At the same time, the authorized officer from the healthcare agency could red flag this person which makes him or her denied from entrance at any place using the NOVIDIC system and will receive “Rejected” upon scanning any QR code.

This option enables the healthcare agencies to react and respond in real time by not letting a person at risk to spread any possible infection while they are trying to contact this person.

What is a red flag place?

Health care agencies may put a place under red flag should they conclude this place is an immediate high risk place by analyzing visit history related to that place. If a place is red flagged, visitors get warning “Do Not Enter” upon scanning any QR codes related to that place.

Shall the red flag remain forever?

No, any red flag status will be removed after 14 days automatically. So in a very rare scenario, if the healthcare agency forgets to remove a red flag and they could not reach the red flagged person or place for investigation, the red flag will be removed after a cooling period of two weeks.

What are the rejection alerts?

Each time a red flagged person scans the QR code of a place and gets denied entry, a warning is sent to the place admin and staff as “rejection alert”. This is to make sure the place staff are aware of the situation should a reckless visitor tries to enter the place despite knowing he or she might have infection. The exact time of entry rejection and the age-gender group are recorded and sent to the admin of the place so that the place management could check CCTVs in case the person has entered the place in crowd.

Who will have access to this data?

We only disclose the information to authorized governmental agencies upon their formal request to us.

How do you send the data to an authorized government agency?

We will have our own secure channel of communication with the government agencies globally. Places need just to inform the government agencies that they are using the NOVIDIC system should they be contacted by the government healthcare agencies and provide them with the admin user name ( the email they used to register the account first time).

There is also a section in dashboard for admin under " Tracking Request" whereas the admin can submit the email address for the officers who are looking for data and let us handle the rest. Upon submitting the related email address, the system automatically contacts the related officer and manages to hand over the data base to them.

For individuals as visitor, the mobile number is the only thing needed to look up the related visit history.

How long the visit history will remain with NOVIDIC?

All visit history will automatically be deleted from our servers after 56 days. In other words, there is no chance of tracking back a more than 56 days old data.

Will visitors' information be used for marketing later?

No way, we guarantee that our business is not selling or using data for marketing. Please note that we never disclose the visitor contacts or emails to the places people have visited. In case of a COVID-19 contraction, we just disclose the log to the authorised government agencies directly for contact tracing only. Please read our privacy policy for visitors and learn how we treat the visitors' information.

What will happen if a person is positive COVID-19 case?

Once a person is tested positive for COVID-19, he or she must let the healthcare authorities know that his or her visit records are available with NOVIDIC. We have a safe electronic channel for sending the visit history directly to the authorised agencies if needed. NOVIDIC also will send the list of whoever that might have been at the same place at the same time to the healthcare agency. Neverthless, the history of visits also is available in the account for each person under "My History" listed by place name and visit date, duration and body temprature (if applicable)

How does NOVIDIC track the visitors?

NOVIDIC does not track people. It just tags visits to places using NOVIDIC QR codes and records the time in and time out. What NOVIDIC does is actually analysing the visit incidents and searching for encounters between a particular person (assuming a COVID-19 case) and others who have been at the same time at the same place. This information is very valuable and enables healthcare agencies to have a a quick response in pandemic management.

How to scan a QR code as a visitor?

Step 1 : Register with NOVIDIC

As a fresh user, just scan the NOVIDIC QR code by your mobile camera or any scanner app. It will open a page in your mobile browser (Safari, Chrome...) and takes you to the visitor registration page. You need to sign up a NOVIDIC account by verifying your mobile number. Once you enter the OTP sent to you by SMS, you will be logged in as a visitor.

Alternatively you may register as a visitor by going to on a desktop or mobile browser.

""We need to verify your mobile number as it is needed to call you back by healthcare officers in case you are at risk of COVID-19. ""

NOTE: Your mobile number is not shared with the places you visit.

Step 2: Check In

Once registration is completed, the check in option is displayed and you need to tap "Check in" . (you do not need to re-scan the QR code). If you close the check in pop up accidentally, then you need to scan the QR code once again.

As Existing User

Use your mobile camera to scan the QR code, it will open your browser and takes you directly to check in page. You may also scan the QR code directly from the browser in NOVIDIC landing page.

If you have logged out from your account, you need to start by scanning the QR-code by mobile camera and sign in again.

How to switch between static and dynamic QR codes?

1: Log in as admin to NOVIDIC

2: Go to QR code / user management

3: Click on the QR code you want to change

4: Enter the PIN if asked (default 1234)

5: The QR code setting window will slide open, change the QR code type

6: Click Update

Note: A Blue icon means dynamic and a grey icon means static QR code.

How to print a QR code?

As an admin go to menu, click on the QR code/user management and click on print icon on the QR code label for the one you want to print. The static QR codes are shown in grey icons and the dynamic ones are blue. As a QR code user device, you can also print a static QR code from the QR code display screen directly.

Can I use one QR code for multiple locations?

Technically yes, you can use just one static QR code and print as many as copies and use it every where you wish within your place.

But if your place is large and has many sections, many entrances or exits, in case that an infected person visits your place, then we cannot track which sections exactly he or she has entered to. By using a few different QR codes, we can narrow down to spot the encounters more accurately. Otherwise whoever that has been in your place at the time, must go to quarantine and this is not something you want!

For example, if you have a large restaurant, then you had better to split it to different internal sections virtually such as floor, kitchen, toilets... so if a COVID-19 positive case drops by the floor for five minutes and leaves, then you don’t need to be worried about your staff in the kitchen later.

Can two places share the same QR code?

No, this is not a good idea!

Each QR code is assigned to one address and one entrance only. By using the same QR cod in a different place, then the system will assume both are for one address and in case of any COVID-19 incidents in one place, both places are considered infected and all people visiting the non-infected place will be treated high risk cases later. It may result in damages to your business also.

Please note it is also against the NOVIDIC terms & condition of service.

Is NOVIDIC a choice for my business?

If you have a business or a venue which accepts visitors, guests, patrons or customers who might have COVID-19, then NOVIDIC is a choice for you. NOVIDIC complies with government requirements on businesses to keep records of their visitors for contact tracing purpose.

NOVIDIC is very useful in restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs, clubs, sport clubs, gyms, hotels, Churches or any other places where there is a gathering of people unknown to each other.

If you are looking for a way to collect visitor data and profiles for marketing purpose, loyalty schemes or internal visitor management, then NOVIDIC is not a good choice for you as we do not disclose the visitors' contacts to you.

NOVIDIC supports both the STAFF CHECK-IN and visitor check in.

How to cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription:

1: Log in as admin into your NOVIDIC account

2: Delete the QR codes you have created (If Any)

3: Go to “My Plan” and click CANCEL on the subscription.

What is the NOVIDIC decal?

NOVIDIC decal is displayed at the entrances and informs the visitors or customers that the place they are entering is under NOVIDIC visitor management system. Should they scan the QR code and check in by NOVIDIC, then they will be informed if they are at risk of COVID-19 in case a COVID-19 positive case has been identified at the same place later. This decal is just for awareness about importance of registering visits in a system like NOVIDIC or other similar systems during a pandemic.

I have registered a business account with NOVIDIC as a place, where can I get the NOVIDIC decal?

The NOVIDIC decal will be sent to you by courier within 14 days upon registration. However, Providing a place with a decal is subject to the place type, daily traffic and location. We may conclude that your place does not need a decal.

Can I use the same QR code for my staff?

Technically there is no difference between a staff or a visitor in a contact tracing except the fact that the staff stays longer in the place. You may use the same QR code for the staff but if you have enforced a stay limit for visitors (e.g.: 30 min ), the staff must ignore the SMS reminder sent to them. Your staff also can register manually into the system.

Once the reminder is sent, the system releases the capacity for that visitor / staff but the visit log remains "Checked In" as long as the user does not tap Exit. So it will be secure as long as your staff doesn’t tap exit in case of a contact tracing later.

You may also add a QR code exclusively for the staff ( you will need a plan supporting more than one QR code).

You may also justify the capacity by releasing some free space to accommodate your staff so that the total number of visitors doesn’t count the staff.

How to register a visitor manually in to the system?

1: Log in as a QR code device /user to NOVIDIC system ( using the given when you added the QR code) 2: Close the QR code screen ( you may need the PIN which is set up by the admin, default PIN is 1234) 3: Click Add visitor 4: Fill in the visitor details int the form and click Add. You may use this method for adding your staff also.

Government has contacted me asking for my place visit records, where can I find them?

We do NOT disclose the data directly to you. To send the data directly to the government agency, do the following:

  • Log in as Admin into your account with NOVIDIC
  • Go to dashboard and click "Tracking Request"
  • Key in the government agency email address
  • Submit
It will trigger a formal procedure to send them data directly. You do not need to do any thing else. If you dont have the email address for them, then you have to ask them visit and request for tracking online, the link is in the website footer.

How to reset a QR code?

To reset a static QR code , you need to :

  • Log in as QR code/user into NOVIDIC
  • On top right corner , click on reset icon ( beside printer icon)
  • Enter the security PIN (default 1234)
  • Confirm the Reset
Please remember that by resetting a QR code, all previous printing versions will be invalid and you have to re-print the QR code again. A dynamic QR code cannot be reset as it resets automatically every three minutes.

How to delete my account as a business?

To delete a business (place) account:

1: Log in as admin to your account ( using your email address which you registered the account with)

2: Delete any QR code /devices if any

3: Unsubscribe your plan

4: Go to your profile ( top right corner) and click Delete account

NOTE: Due to security reasons, you cannot delete your account within 45 days upon registration with NOVIDIC.

How to delete my account as a visitor?

To delete your account as a visitor:

  • Log in to your account in NOVIDIC as a visitor (mobile or desktop)
  • Click on top right corner menu
  • Click on "My profile"
  • Click on "Delete Account"
By deleting your account, your profile will be removed from the system and all visits history will change to anonymous visits.

Why do visitors get the error " The QR code is invalid" after scan?

There are a few scenarios you get this error:

1: you are using a static QR code ( printing) but someone has reset the QR code accidentally. (In this case, you have to log in to your account and re-print the QR code from the system)

2:If your payment has declined and your subscription has been suspended.

3:You might have somehow printed a dynamic QR code which is supposed to be displayed on a devices connected to the internet. ( e.g.: using screen shot of the QR code). Such QR code changes every 3 min and an image of it doesn’t remain valid for more than 3 min.

4:You may scan a QR code not belonging to NOVIDC (wrong QR code)

What are the payment options in NOVIDIC?

We accept Paypal and also pay by card (Visa and Mastercard) option has been added recently.

What is difference between a staff check-in QR code and the visitor QR code?

A staff check-in QR code does not have staying timer limit and it does not send SMS leave reminder. The staff check-in history also is displayed in a different list to make it easier for the admin to manage and monitor the staff attendance. Staff check-in QR code devices (in case you log in to the QR code user device) does not support manual registration option and the staff must use mobile to scan and check in.

Why I cannot edit my profile or change name of my business?

Each QR code is assigned to a business name and its address. We have limited any change in a place profile to max 24 hours after registration (in case of any typo) and do not let changing this key information after 24 hours. This is to avoid abuse or any confusion for healthcare agencies when they trace a contact in a place having multiple names or different addresses.

What limitaions does the free plan have?

By using a free plan, you have the following restrictions:

  • Venue Capacity monitor is fixed to 10 visitors at a time

  • No Staying timer and leave reminder

  • No details on visit history ( names and dates remain hidden)

Please note that names and dates are always disclosed to the authorised healthcare agencies regardless of your access and plan.

Does NOVIDIC support multi location?

Yes, NOVIDIC business or corporate plans support multi outlet account whereas you can manage QR codes for different locations under one HQ main account.

Can a visitor add accompany while checking-in?

Yes, a visitor can add up to 5 more guests under his/her checking-in. We assume that those accompanying guests are member of the same family and could be reached via the same mobile number of the main visitor.