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How to add QR codes?
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Step By Step Guide
QR codes are like sub users in NOVIDIC which are created by the admin as follows:
Picture 1.png
1: As an admin, click on the QR code/users tab in the menu and go to QR code user management page. 
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2: Click on "add new device " or the “plus button” at down right corner.


A form will slide open, and you need to register a new device or user for the QR code here.

Picture 3.png

3: Give it a name , Like “Main Door.”

This name later will be displayed to your visitors and shows which entrance or gate they are entering from as well as narrowing down system tracking by gate rather than just by a whole place only.


4:  Choose a user name for it.

The username will follow to be recognised by the system as a QR code device when logging in.


5: Key in a password.

 (min 8 characters, at least One Capital one number)

Picture 4.png

6: Select the QR code Type.


A static QR code remains fixed as long as not reset and is used for printing purpose. You may use the same static QR code in multiple entrances, however, later we cannot track which gate or entrance has been breached by a COVID-19 potential case.


 A dynamic QR code changes every 3 minutes and must be displayed on a device connected to the internet. 

Picture 5.png

7: Click Add.

you have created the first QR coder for your place. To access the QR code , you need to log in to under the username given for the QR code. Please note that Admin cannot see the QR codes. 

Picture 6.png

Sign out from admin  and log in to by the user name and password you just gave for the QR code. Please remember that the username must follow when typing in the username field. 

Picture 7.png

Once you logged in, you will see the QR code in landing page. If this is a static one, you have option to print it. 


Once you login to your place as a QR code device, you will see the QR code as landing page after login. This page is protected by the PIN code to avoid reset or being closed by curious customers if you leave the device unattended at the entrances

Picture 8.png

Close the QR page and you will see your dashboard where you can justify the capacity to match the real number of people in your place or add visitors manually into the system in case they have no mobile phone or have children.


To display the QR code back again, click on the QR code in dashboard.

How to adjust the Capacity and Staying time?
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Step By Step Guide

Follow the below instructions to update your place settings:

Picture 15.png

1: As an admin, click on “The Place Settings”  in dashboard.

Picture 16.png

2: You can adjust the allowed capacity of your visitors in your place here. Key in the number and click update. The default value for the capacity is 10 persons.


Please note that the system will reject entry to visitors if the capacity is full. However, you have option to justify the number of existing people in your place under the QR code device user easily.

Picture 17.png

It is useful if some one leaves your place but forgets to tap exit or you need to accommodate your staff in different shifts. So the maximum remains fixed but the current existing numbers of visitors could be overwritten later by the staff. 

Picture 18.png

You can also adjust the maximum staying time allowed for your visitor here. The default time is 30 min. If you select +90 min staying time, system assumes the visit session will last maximum 8 hours and will send a SMS reminder to leave after 8 hours.

How to add your Logo in NOVIDIC?
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Step By Step Guide

The admin for a place can also add logo in NOVIDIC.


To add a logo:

Picture 9.png

1: Click on your name at top right corner and open the menu. select the “Update place profile Option”  and click. You will see the profile page of your place.

Picture 10.png

2: Click on camera icon and select and upload  a logo from your computer. The logo file must be less than one mega bite.

Picture 11.png

This logo will be displayed all over the system as well as to your customers after they scan the QR codes.


To delete the logo, click on “delete logo”, the yellow tab down below the page.

How to add visitors manually in NOVIDIC?
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Step By Step Guide

To add a visitor manually, you must Log in as a QR code device and close the QR code display screen to access the dashboard. (The Admin cannot add visitors)

Picture 12.png

1: Click on add visitor or the plus icon down right corner of the page. Enter the security PIN and a form will slide open and you need to fill in this form.

Picture 13.png

2: Key in the name, mobile number, staying time and age-gender group as mandatory fields.

(In some countries Post code/zip also is needed)

Body temperature is optional if it is not required by your local COVID-19 management regulation.

The Mobile number must be clarified if it belongs to another person ( who most likely is using it to scan the QR or it belongs to the same visitor who is being registered and due to some reasons is not using it to scan the QR code and preferred to eb manually registered. 

Picture 14.png

3: Click add and the visitor is checked in.


NOTE: Once the visitor leaves the place, you need to click exit. Should the visitor stay longer than the allowed staying time, the timer will get red and the exceeded time will be shown.


Log in as admin to NOVIDIC

2: Go to QR code / user management

3: Click on the QR code you want to change

4: Enter the PIN if asked (default 1234)

5: The QR code setting window will slide open, change the QR code type

6: Click Update


Note: A Blue icon means dynamic and a grey icon means static QR code.

Picture 4.png


Log in as admin to NOVIDIC

2: Go to QR code / user management

3: Click on the print icon shown on the QR code label. 

You can print the static QR codes only. 


Note: A Blue icon means dynamic and a grey icon means static QR code.

qr print.png
Picture 7.png


Log in as QR code/user  to NOVIDIC

2: Go to QR code screen (if it is not there)

3: Click on the print icon on top right corner 

You can print the static QR codes only. 


1: Log in as Admin to the system

2: Open the menu (dashboard)

3: Click QR code/ users tab

4: Click Add (+) QR code

Picture 221.png

5: Fill in the QR code info, choose the type (static or dynamic) and tick “ This is Staff Check-in QR code” check box.

6: Add

Picture 551.png
  • Staff QR codes have “clock in “ icon to be recognised among other QR codes.

  • Staff QR code has no staying time or SMS leave reminder.

  • You may add multiple staff QR codes.

  • You will see history of your staff check in for the last 56 days in dashboard under “staff-check-in history

menu staff.png
staff history.png
  •  You have option to downland the list in excel format.

  • Please note that the Staff Check-in QR code might not be available in your plan and you may have to upgrade your plan.